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Call for Mythender Playtest Credits

Mythender Update I estimate the final, public version of Mythender to be delivered to all you fabulous humans in October of this year. I don’t know if that’s early or late October yet, so don’t assume October 1st. :) Call for Playtest Credits As such, I want to make sure everyone who playtested the game

The Technocratic Union v2.0

Some of you are already aware of this, because it was announced at the Onyx Path panels at Gen Con 2012 (audio, check their YouTube channel for video), but for those who don’t know: I’m the Mage: the Ascension Technocracy Convention developer. Of course, that’s a mouthful and comes with some questions, thus this post. Rich

Launch of Living Dungeon World!

After a bit of work and a lot of conversation, Hamish Cameron & I finally finished the first draft of Living Dungeon World! Living Dungeon World is a project from some of us who frequent the Strategicon shows in Los Angeles who (a) find the Living Forgotten Realms/RPGA/Pathfinder Society format rather intriguing and (b) love Dungeon World. So we

My PAX 2012 Schedule

Now that I’m back from Gen Con, PAX is upon us! Here’s my (rather short & pleasant schedule): The Art of the Table II: Return to the Table Friday 9pm — Raven Theater Ben Mandall, Jeff Fasenfest, Sage LaTorra, Ryan Macklin, Jess Hartley, Erik Mona, Robert Gifford, Mat Margalis The Art of the Table is

Gen Con is Upon Us!

So, here we are with another Gen Con. HOLY CRAP. Here’re a couple things: My Guest of Honor schedule is still posted here. If you’re wondering about alcohol at cons, I wrote about it last year. Don’t forget to check out Games on Demand, ICC 238. Adam Jury’s Gen Con attendance tips are fantastic. A

The Fetishization of Innovation

The greater indie scene has a lot going for it — smart and fun people coming together to make and play cool shit. But it also has something that’s extremely fucking annoying: many of us in this sphere value innovation and being revolutionary over refinement and being evolutionary. I gave a version of this rant