The Future of Master Plan

At the time of posting this, the Master Plan Kickstarter is at $2590. We’re already funded, so there will be more Master Plan! (In fact, the first new episode dropped last week.) But we’ve still got 32 hours to go and some stretch goals ahead of us.

As of right now, you guys have unlocked ten regular podcast episodes and three Master Plan Live episode. Woo! But we still have a little time left to unlock more!

Stretch goals

At $2750 (which we’re only $160 away from), we get another half-season of Master Plan: four regular podcast episodes and one Master Plan Live episode.

At $3250, that become a full season: eight regular podcast episodes and one Master Plan Live episode.

And should we break that goal, pretty much every $500 more is another half-season.

Why make these stretch goals?

That is a good question. Some folks have asked whether or not I’m going to do another Kickstarter for a later season, and some folks have given me pretty strong opinions on the matter. I’ve honestly been thinking about it since before I launched this campaign, and I got to the point where I knew I wouldn’t know the answer until I tried this one.

And the answer is: all good things should come to an end. This will be it for Master Plan. A nice, proper ending. I’m loathe to never say never — if I like the Master Plan Live format, I might occasionally keep doing those. But the whole reason for stopping in the first place was is because I couldn’t afford to do unpaid audio production. :/

The flip side is: I also want to do campaigns where you fund really cool games and stuff, just not shows. Maybe the Emerging Threats Unit will get that treatment. And asking you to crowdfund that and my podcasting is a bit much, don’t you think? :)

You guys have been incredible!

I was blown away that Master Plan was funded in a day. The 106 of you (at the time of this posting) who have contributed to this experiment to make more Master Plan has been pretty awesome.

Thank you all, Masterminds.

– Ryan