Master Plan and the Inside Scoop

The Master Plan podcast Kickstarter campaign has less than seven days to go — ending on July 10th. There’s a reward there, called the Inside Scoop, at the $25 level:

At $25, you’ll have my thanks, the button & sticker, and you’ll be a part of the Inside Scoop during the season, getting exclusive previews and stuff that I work on. Things like previews of indie games, hilarious outtakes from the show, stuff like that! Sweet stuffs that’ll high your email, and also your brain!

Since I’m a week away from the end, it’s time to spell that out a bit more: if I’m working on a game and I’m allowed to share it in-development, especially self-published once, you’ll get previews of them.

I’ll be doing this for a year for everyone in the Scoop, starting August 2012 and ending on Gen Con 2013.

The projects that I have been working on (that I can talk about):

  • Emerging Threats Unit, my “indie Delta Green-style game, if it was about a paramilitary anti-supernatural CDC unit” horror game. I wrote a bit about it on G+, and have some posts tagged with it.
    Incidentally, I’ll be running ETU at Big Bad Con.
  • The currently unnamed “Halfling Kingdoms” setting, a take on my favorite short race, making them a badass, recently emancipated nation still struggling to unify while dealing with all the hostilities and issues brought about by the humans who conquered them and brought war into their land. The high-concept is best described as “Halfling Israel Rokugan.” (This project has a co-author, but we aren’t ready to officially announce shit yet.)

In addition, if it’s a micro-game (some of the small games I want to develop), you’ll get a free PDF copy. These include:

  • Gun ‘n Fuck, a game about playing Jason Statham. After playing Logan Bonner‘s Refuge in Audacity last weekend, I finally figured out how to make Gun ‘n Fuck work.
  • Teardrop in the Sand, a two-player game about stories in an enchanted city surrounded by hostile desert. A bit of a Thousand and One Nights vibe, feels a bit Polaris-y. I first made it as a storytelling game that two people could play in a long car ride, but it has some kinks to work out.
  • I’m working on some games for kids, partly because I’d like to see games my nieces & nephews could play.
  • Settings like StarFate, the sort of stuff that doesn’t really have a home as its own thing but pairs well with a game system. Since I’m a Fate developer, that’s my natural inclination. (Though, you won’t see much of these until Fate Core’s public, since I’ll use that as my underpinning.)
  • A revised HK-TK, since the last attempt didn’t work.
  • The next Rülsleit game (system used in Void Vultures), Sorcerous Sands of Vegas. Imagine if the Lich King of Vegas (yes, that King) summoned a plague of dragons that turned the world into a magical post-apocalyptic wasteland. And now the King’s gotta die…

I can’t promise which of these will see the light of day, though if you’re in the Scoop, you’ll see things that others won’t if they don’t make it, and you’ll see things others will beforehand. I guess it’s a bit like my take on Wolfgang Baur’s Open Design. (Though, I could be influenced here and there with feedback. I’m not immune to swaying.)

But only back if that interests you. If it doesn’t, no worries. :)

How frequent will these be? An email once or twice a month. I don’t want to spam people with little, incremental changes or junk like that.

– Ryan

P.S. If you like this idea, you have the folks at Dungeon World to thank for it. Their Adventurers’ Guild is a really cool setup, and how they treat their fans is rock-awesome.



One Response to Master Plan and the Inside Scoop

  1. Pat says:

    Need to find another 20 bucks. I love the ETU idea.

    And I can feel the awesome aura of Gun ‘n Fuck. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Jason Statham. :)