Awesome GMs at Big Bad Con

While folks are getting excited about Gen Con and PAX (to be fair, so am I), I want to let you know about another awesome little con that you could check out, especially if you’re on the West Coast:

Big Bad Con

October 5-7, 2012

Just look at who will be there:

That’s right! Jason Morningstar, Josh Roby, Leonard Balsera, Luke Crane, and myself. Along with a bunch of fine, fine folks for your gaming needs.

You know you want in on this.

Want to know what I’m running there? Mythender and Emerging Threats Unit.

And showrunner Sean Nittner keeps us all updated on BBC’s blog.

Oh, and if you dig our alternate Dungeon World highlighting system? That came from Big Bad Con.

– Ryan


2 Responses to Awesome GMs at Big Bad Con

  1. Sean Nittner says:

    Damn man, you are awesome. Many thanks for this and for the #FollowFriday.

    Big Bad Con 2012 is going to rock!

  2. Matt Silver says:

    Man! If I wasn’t already going to a wedding that weekend, I would be there. ETU sounds really fun, and I kinda just want to watch other people run some of these games (playing would be great, but some of them are ones I’d like to run for my mostly-D&D-only pals)