Aspects by the Sea

Hey, you guys know about Guide to the Village by the Sea, right? It’s a systemless source book with a modern take on gothic horror, set in a little town in Northwestern Washington state.

Here’s the interesting kicker: the book’s voice & point of view character is synesthetic, as is its author. The Kickstarter campaign for it as 10 days to go. Here’s the video (and below that, a bit on how I’m involved):

Aspects of the Village

In speaking with Lillian, I mentioned that it would be cool to add aspects from Fate into the book, like what we at Evil Hat did with the Dresden Files RPG, notably in the Baltimore Nevermore chapter (which you can download for free). Given how many games these days[1] use aspects and similar mechanics, it seems like a cool thing to add in that fits well into the narrative nature of the book.

Short answer: Lillian said yes and is bringing me on board to make it happen! The project’s got less that 25% left to reach it’s goal, so I hope you’ll help make this book happen!

A taste

Here’s some (unedited & unformatted) sample, to show you how it’d work:

The tuberculosis sanitarium on the edge of the Village

Staring up into the empty and ruined eyes of its windows, I wonder if ants were Melanie’s way of describing the bursts of static in my mouth. Highly charged and violent, the electric snow almost buries the feeling that I’m drowning. I keep my eyes on the front of the building, looking over its withered, once proud face. It’s sunken with time into itself—I’m surprised there’s still a front entrance. Savin Hall had been a multi-story wonder in its heyday, tarted up in sunshine. A lick of artificial cheer.

They told me the last time anyone had seen Sara-Beth, she’d been headed for the Children’s Ward.


  • Long Since Abandoned (by People)
  • Old Pain and Malice in the Air

And that’s why I like aspects in games. They can provide subtext to a scene, situation, or character.

– Ryan

[1] Just off the top of my head: Houses of the Blooded (and the larp, Blood & Tears), ICONS, Chronica Feudalis…