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My LARPing Experiences (part 2)

Following from yesterday’s post about jeepform, today I’m going to talk about another LARP I love, Houses of the Blooded. Houses of the Blooded John Wick’s “anti-Vampire” game, Houses of the Blooded, has a fantastic LARP setup called Blood & Tears. I’ve played this multiple times and was a co-ST twice (once because I was killed

My LARPing experiences (part 1)

In the last few years, I’ve started experimenting with live-action roleplaying. In my youth, I looked down on it — particularly on Vampire LARPers, because that’s all I knew about LARP.[1] Today, I’ll talk about how this non-LARPer starter approaching LARPs. (Holy crap, this got super long. I’m going to split this into multiple posts

Parting with Evil Hat

Since quite a few people have already heard about it from other channels, here’s the news: I am no longer a part of Evil Hat Productions. This is the result of a long conversation between Fred Hicks & myself, and something we’ve both been thinking about for a while now. It’s the age-old story of a

Aspects by the Sea

Hey, you guys know about Guide to the Village by the Sea, right? It’s a systemless source book with a modern take on gothic horror, set in a little town in Northwestern Washington state. Here’s the interesting kicker: the book’s voice & point of view character is synesthetic, as is its author. The Kickstarter campaign

The Work Behind This Just In…

Many of you are familiar with This Just In…From Gen Con, which is doing its crowdfunding campaign at the moment. For those who aren’t: This Just In…From Gen Con! is a special podcast produced live at Gen Con Indy. Hosted in 2012 by Rich Rogers and Alex, Steph and Ed from the Yellow-Menace Podcast, they work hard to capture

The Future of Master Plan

At the time of posting this, the Master Plan Kickstarter is at $2590. We’re already funded, so there will be more Master Plan! (In fact, the first new episode dropped last week.) But we’ve still got 32 hours to go and some stretch goals ahead of us. As of right now, you guys have unlocked