Mythender Q&A Session

Last night, I did a Q&A/Discussion about Mythender, which went on for a little over 2.5 hours. It’s recorded, unfortunately with ads, on Ustream:

Anyway, there’s there. Now I want to talk about some lessons I learned doing this, which I will apply next time I try something like this:

  • The ads were getting in the way. I didn’t realize they were a live thing, I had no way of knowing when an ad was going to take over someone viewing my feed, etc.
  • Next time, I’ll do a test the day before, rather than an hour before. I was going to do this as a G+ Hangout on the Air, but fucking Google/YouTube took four hours to get me an SMS code to enable said functionality…and by then, I was already done.
  • Three hours was too long. Originally, I was hoping to have people on to talk about their experiences in Mythender playtests, but since I was suddenly just doing this from my cam, no dice. However, I think that the focus was shifted to a better place, as people kept asking questions.
  • Three hours is also a long time to monologue, both for my voice and for my energy. Two hours max, next time I do another monologue-style thing.
  • If I can get my hands on a webcam that’s not integrated into my laptop, I can then move it around in order to show rolling dice and crap like that.
  • Incidentally, rather than use my built-in mic, I used my Zoom H4n with a windscreen,to better direct noise & cover up wind and such, since I sought to do this cast outside. Which was also fun, since I got to keep smoking my pipe.
  • I wish I had a deputy to handle question/comment wrangling for me. I was watching three different windows and that slowed me down at times.
  • Next time, I’ll try Hangouts on the Air again. Even if it’s just me, it won’t be an ad-peppered thing.

I really do appreciate those of you who came on, and Andy Kitkowski for saving my bacon at the 11th hour by suggesting UStream.

– Ryan


2 Responses to Mythender Q&A Session

  1. Ted says:

    I think the stream is paused in UStream when the ad is playing. It means that everyone watching is slightly out of sync with each other, but they don’t miss anything. I could be wrong for live streams, though.

  2. James says:

    The sound was pretty good. I sadly had something come up despite the alarm that I’d set for it, so the baby and I watched it about an hour after it ended.

    Yeah, probably a moderator or collecting questions ahead of time to have talking points would be a good idea for flow purposes. Collect up questions before hand, and then do a column afterwards for questions that get sent in after that weren’t covered in the general info.