My Gen Con 2012 Schedule

As some of you might know (and more will after reading this), I’m an Industry Insider Guest of Honor this year at Gen Con. As such, I’m on six panels:

Beyond Child’s Play – Raising Money for Charity with Gaming Events

Thursday 1pm — Westin Council — SEM1238067
Tavis Allison, Ryan Macklin, Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat

Gamers are as generous & have raised thousands of dollars for worthy causes. Learn how you can use your gaming skills to help a cause. Talk will include: successes, new projects & how to get involved.

Working With Licensed Intellectual Properties

Thursday 3pm — ICC 211 — SEM1238052
Steve Kenson, T.S. Luikart, Ryan Macklin, Stan!

Industry Insider Guests of Honor discuss the issues and pitfalls of working with someone else’s property and dealing with fan expectations of said property.

Editing And Indie Games

Friday 10am — ICC 210 — SEM1238034
Michelle Lyons, Ryan Macklin

Have a game that needs an editor’s touch but don’t know what to ask? Learn what makes a book user-friendly, how organization affects use, & what the unforgivable sins are BEFORE your book is in print.

The Inner-Demons and the Tribe: Dealing with Depression as a Gamer

Friday 1pm — Crowne Plaza, Hay Market B — SEM1237839
Philippe-Antoine Menard, others (including me)

A discussion about gamers dealing with depression. Using personal experiences as people diagnosed with depressions, we explore strategies to overcome it, including tapping into our tribes.

Freelancing In The Game Industry

Friday 2pm — ICC 210 — SEM1238038
Matt Forbeck, Steve Kenson, Ryan Macklin, Gareth-Michael Skarka, Christine Stiles

Want to write for games? Our Industry guests have years of freelancing experience & will share their wisdom on how to find work, how to get more work, & how to succeed as a game industry freelancer.

Doing Kickstarter Right

Saturday 11am — ICC 210 — SEM1238042
Ryan Macklin, Gareth-Michael Skarka, Richard Thomas

Talk with successful Kickstarter publishers on how they did their Kickstarter. Topics discussed are: lessons learned, mistakes made, and plans for the future.

Getting The Most Out Of Working With Editors

Saturday 5pm — ICC 210 — SEM1238046
Jess Hartley, Michelle Lyons, Ryan Macklin, Richard Thomas

Geared to new writers our panelists discuss how to find an editor, establish a good rapport with them, & how to get the most out of that relationship. Lead by editors who are Industry Insider guests!

Games on Demand

Sunday 10am to 2pm — ICC 242

I’ll be at Games on Demand (@games_on_demand) off and on throughout the show, dropping by to say hey to peeps and maybe even get a short game in between panels. But I also wanted to bookmark some time to help Steve Segedy (this year’s GoD runner) out, so if you’re interested, check me out then! I might run Mythender, though a little bird tells me that other people will be running it as well!



If I get involved in anything else, I’ll update this page.

– Ryan


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  1. Mick Bradley says:

    Hey Dude, I’m gonna try to make it up to Indy in time for the Inner-Demons seminar on Friday, but if I don’t get in that early, I’ll catch you sometime thereafter. Bring me some swag.