Podcast: RoleplayDNA on Sandbox Games

Last night, I had the pleasure of spending the evening chatting with Ron & Veronica Blessing, Ed Doolittle & Lee Langston[1] on their new gaming podcast, RoleplayDNA. We discussed sandbox games, including:

  • What we see is and isn’t a sandbox game
  • The sorts of sandbox games we’ve run before
  • Sandbox games and IP games
  • Degree of player-ownership in sandbox games
  • Shoot, degree of GM-ownership in a sandbox game with heavy canon
  • Helping players not used to this sort of game dive in
  • Player types & expectations with such games.
  • Setting up sandbox games
  • Giving me shit for Dresden’s lateness. And me giving some back.
  • etc.

Hope you enjoy it. Runs 48 minutes, 41 seconds.

– Ryan

[1] Lee’s note on the hosts’ about page proclaims him the “The God of Gaming.” People should not tell me that they’re gods. Ever.