My Risk Legacy Games [Spoilers!]

Spoiler alert! I’m going to post the end of game photos for the twelve Risk Legacy games my group played. I only took pictures of the board, and my box is in storage, so I don’t have written down who played which faction or who played in which games. (We didn’t have perfect attendance, and occasionally we had a sub come in.)

The core five members of Risk Club: Jesse Coombs, Laurel James, Eric Lytle, Chris Ruggiero and me (a.k.a. The Security Council, or the Nuclear Powers Club, once the missiles started flowing).

Each of the photos can be clicked on to enlarge. The first few were taken with my iPhone 3Gs, the last few with my iPhone 4s when I got that upgraded. The first two games show nothing you wouldn’t see from reading the basic rules, but after that, packets get opened and new things are added to the game & board.

Also, we opened every packet. Every packet.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments. I’ll try to remember then as best as I can. And of course the other members of Risk Club are most welcome to chime in with commentary or bitching. :)

Risk Club Game 1. Winner: Chris Ruggiero

Risk Club Game 2. Winner: Chris Ruggiero

Risk Club Game 3. Winner: Laurel James

Risk Club Game 4. Winner: Chris Ruggiero

Risk Club Game 5. Winner: Ryan Macklin

See Kamchatka? See the fucking nuclear wasteland there? That’s Laurel’s fault, and that change the game, as the only bridge wrapping the board around was effectively destroyed (unless you were the Mutant faction). Total game-changer.

Given where the attack was that triggered it, it was either that or Alaska, so fucked either way in that regard.

It also turned Khan Industries into the Bringer of Nuclear Fire.

Risk Club Game 6. Winner: Chris Ruggiero

Risk Club Game 7. Winner: Jesse Coombs

Risk Club Game 8. Winner: Chris Ruggiero

Risk Club Game 9. Winner: Chris Ruggiero

Alien. Fucking. Island. That is all.

Though it did fix the stagnation that happened because of Kamchatka, as well as become a hotbed of rules debating.

Risk Club Game 10. Winner: Chris Ruggiero

Risk Club Game 11. Winner: Colin Creitz

Here was the one time we had a sub win.

Given that Eric hadn’t won it, we gave him an unnecessary amount of shit for someone not in Risk Club having a missile since he didn’t.

Colin put the World Capital on one of Ruggiero’s major cities, another awesome game-changer.

Risk Club Game 12. Winner: Eric Lytle

This was our last game. I was moving in a few days. We made this happen. BAM.

As his reward, Eric destroyed some of the cards that came from that packet, which you see in the shot.

The Risk Club Finale: Jesse, Chris, Eric, Laurel,and me with the board

– Ryan