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A New Horror Damage Idea

Here’s another post for the May of the Dead blog carnival put on by the Going Last Gaming Podcast. I was recently thinking about how to handle damage in a horror game. Naturally, it depends on what sort of horror game we’re talking, and I’m overly fond of Delta Greens-style games (at least when they actually respect the “horror”

Why to Blog

Every now and then, someone tells me they would like to blog more, but feel intimidated. They don’t know what to blog about, feel like it’ll be a time sink, things like that. So I thought I would share to four main reasons why I blog. Blogging Makes You Smarter Well, not really. But it

Antagonist Bonds and Toxicity in Dungeon World

I was reading over some of the changes to Dungeon World sheets last night, and I came to a weird conclusion: Dungeon World doesn’t want players like me. That’s totally fair. So I’ll talk about that a bit. (And this is going to get ranty, which is probably best explained in the footnote.) [Edit: The comments

A Few Tips to Editors

Say you’re working on someone else’s manuscript, either as an editor or as a peer reviewer, and you’re marking it up to give back to them. And let’s further say you’re using something like Track Changes in Word on InDesign, where your alterations & comments will be visible. Here are some things to consider when

Passive Voice Words, Highlighting them in Word

My very patient friend, Minerva Zimmerman, is working with me to revise, or as I like to say, unfuck a short story I’m working on. Her and the other alpha readers I handed the story to complained about my passive voice. This amuses me, because I catch the passive voice in others’ work, but not

My Risk Legacy Games [Spoilers!]

Spoiler alert! I’m going to post the end of game photos for the twelve Risk Legacy games my group played. I only took pictures of the board, and my box is in storage, so I don’t have written down who played which faction or who played in which games. (We didn’t have perfect attendance, and occasionally