HK-TK, a Game I Wrote Last Weekend

For the last few months, ever since I hacked Technoir to play Push, I had thoughts about making a Push-style game. Some ideas hit home after I wrote about using Unknown Armies passions for characters in other games. And in order to make it leave my head (while also using it to take a break from working on some projects that I’ve been working on for quite a while), I challenged myself to write this in a weekend.

Technically, I fell short. I spent two hours today working on it. Anyway, if you want to check out my little, hastily-written game about psychics in Hong Kong’s underworld, here you go.

Later this week, I’ll talk about where the various influences of many games come from and why they’re there. Because, in my mind, that’s actually the important part of this experiment. (Though I do hope the game actually works and is fun, too!)


– Ryan


4 Responses to HK-TK, a Game I Wrote Last Weekend

  1. Nicolas LeBeau says:

    Great game, but I think you’re talking about the 2009 movie, not the 2006 one (the 2009 film was about telekinetics in Hong Kong, the 2006 is about (to quote IMDB): Drugs, sex, and the allure of fast money blur the boundaries between two very different sides of society.

  2. Wayne Zombie says:

    I get a blank page when I try to open the link.