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A Weekend, or Five Years?

Yesterday, I got this tweet, so today I want to talk about it: I wrote this game over the weekend” is like saying “I painted the Mona Lisa in a day”; it makes the rest of us #jealous Putting aside the self-deprecating “trust me, HK-TK is no Mona Lisa,” that it’s only 6500 words, and that other

HK-TK, a Game I Wrote Last Weekend

For the last few months, ever since I hacked Technoir to play Push, I had thoughts about making a Push-style game. Some ideas hit home after I wrote about using Unknown Armies passions for characters in other games. And in order to make it leave my head (while also using it to take a break

Mythender Excerpt: Badass, Epic Feats

The following is an excerpt from Mythender, and is a work-in-progress. I was having fun with the language, and I thought I would share to get some reactions. The following covers the rules for doing super awesome shit outside of a battle (though not some of the related rules, like creating lasting blights that mark

On Treating Freelancers With Decency

As much as I would like to address this to those publishers that are a problem, such things fall on deaf ears. So instead I want to address this to a certain subset of freelancers: those who don’t need the money. I know quite a few freelancers who just enjoy doing work in a field,

Using UA Passions to Develop Depth

During the Moral Ambiguity in Gaming panel at NorWesCon, the charismatic Clinton J. Boomer — a fellow Unknown Armies fan — made a great point about creating characters of depth using some ideas from UA: specifically, the three passions. This came from a conversation about how everyone is the hero of their own internal story, and no one self-identifies

Rethinking Mythender’s Visual Design

I’m not as far along on Mythender as I’d like — a function of Doing Free Work and the issues around that[1]. Part of that is because of the form factor that I thought was genius turned into a liability. I have a booklet for the rules outside of a battle (which is getting rather