Caught My Attention: Great Blogging March 2012

There’s been some great blogging happening recently, so I thought I would share some with y’all.

The Game Mechanic

My friend Jesse Coombs (@TheGameMechanic) has started a really cool tumblr: gamemechanicoftheday.tumblr.com. Jesse takes a game mechanic from a board game, card game, RPG, video games, whatever he’s been playing, and talks about it. He’s talked about how in Jason Morningstar’s Downing & Falling, putting items found on a post-it note rather than on a character sheet promotes an interesting dynamic; the social effects of taunt mechanics in Street Fighter; the value of “defenders win ties” in Risk; etc.

Check it out. He’s got some really neat thoughts to share.

Joe McDaldno on Kickstarter Best Practices

Joe McDaldno recently completed his crowdfunding campaign for Monsterhearts, and has been on both sides of crowdfunding endeavors. He shares some thoughts on best practices when you engage in crowdfunding, not just for creators but also for consumers. If you’re looking to engage in crowdfunding, or have before, check it out & share your thoughts.

Quinn Murphy’s New Project: Thoughtcrime

Quinn Murphy’s putting his game passion back to work on a project/blog called Thoughtcrime. It’s a new project, and he’s doing it with Ryven Cedrylle and David Welsh. If you recall how passionate he was doing At-Will, you know to expect great things from Thoughtcrime. It’s pretty new, so rather than point out individual articles, I invite you to browse what’s there.

Rob Donoghue’s Back to Blogging

One of the brightest minds in the RPG blogosphere, Rob Donoghue, has started up again. He talks about looking at the d6 in Cortex Plus as normal, two lessons we can learn from Bulldogs!, and I expect more great stuff from him.


That’s it for now. If there’s something you think should be on my radar, let me know!

– Ryan


3 Responses to Caught My Attention: Great Blogging March 2012

  1. John Powell says:

    Steve Kenson talks about Marvel Heroic Roleplaying’s initiaive mechanic and how you might apply it to his superhero games, Mutants and Mastermind, and Icons.

  2. Jesse Coombs says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. That’s some nice company to be in. Now I actually have to post each day…