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Caught My Attention: Great Blogging March 2012

There’s been some great blogging happening recently, so I thought I would share some with y’all. The Game Mechanic My friend Jesse Coombs (@TheGameMechanic) has started a really cool tumblr: Jesse takes a game mechanic from a board game, card game, RPG, video games, whatever he’s been playing, and talks about it. He’s talked about

Exponential Shifts in Fate

In Fate, your degree of success over a difficulty is measured in shifts. When you roll equal to the difficulty, you have zero shifts. Roll one over the difficulty, and you have one shift. Two over means two shifts, and so on. As I am reading over Fate Core, I started thinking hard about that assumption.

The Noir in Technoir

I’ve been involved in many conversations about Technoir, and one of the criticisms I hear is that there isn’t really any noir in the game. And I agree, insofar that I also see there isn’t any inherent pulp in Fate–it’s genre expectations & understanding of theme & tropes that bring those things to life in

Tighter Fate Point Economy

Over the last years or so, I’ve been playing Smallville & Technoir, which have interesting coin economies. Smallville’s Plot Points are infinite from the perspective of the GM, but when people get them, they aren’t immediately available–which is key to making the PvP elements sing. Technoir’s Push Dice is a table-wide closed system, where spending

Becoming Qualified

Recently, I wrote some tips for Safari Book Online’s blog — on jQuery & CSS widgets that I’ve built in the last few months: Rotating quotes using jQuery, with a follow-up tip Some simple tricks for making tables friendlier with row hovering & column hovering Collapsable menus with persistence (much like I do on this

When Doing Free Work

For the counterpoint to yesterday’s post telling people to not take solicitations of free work from friends, here’s what you need to do if you offer to do free work: Be Professional. That means do things like ask & be aware of a schedule, notify people if you’re going to slip or bail on the commitment,