Monthly Archives: February 2012

When Aren’t You “Playing” the Game?

There’s a Twitter conversation going on right now about whether or not you’re playing a given roleplaying game during the sessions where you don’t roll dice or otherwise engage in its core mechanics. Naturally, most of the game designers are saying “no, you’re not.” And that’s tragically short-sighted. There is more to a role-playing game,

A Mythender Update

Some of you are probably wondering where Mythender is, so here’s an update: Mythender is still in the writing process, but that’s coming along. Garret Narjes has run a couple games, and has told me places where the rules need better explanation, where it needs to be clearer what the Mythmaster should be doing during

On Understanding Problems

There is something that we do, as geeks in the community, that if sit-coms are to be trusted is stereotypically masculine: we present solutions to problems before we actually understand the problem. Stop that. You’re helping no one. Too often, fruitful discussion of problems is derailed by proposed solutions and then argument over the solution’s