A Mythender Update

Some of you are probably wondering where Mythender is, so here’s an update:

Mythender is still in the writing process, but that’s coming along. Garret Narjes has run a couple games, and has told me places where the rules need better explanation, where it needs to be clearer what the Mythmaster should be doing during the game, and where the rules totally broke.

On that last note, I have a quick story:

I was enjoying my pipe while hanging outside at JoshCon. During that time, Garret was running Mythender inside. I didn’t want to poke my nose around too much — as I joked, Mythender was getting its run-by-someone-else cherry popped, and I wasn’t going to be a weird voyeur around my “kid.” But really, I didn’t want to chime in at all.

Garret comes out and says “So, uh, they almost one-shotted Odin in the first round. And now he’s not threatening at all. What do I do?”

I thought for a moment, and asked him what Odin’s Weapons were. He told me, though I cannot recall exactly what he said at this point. I replied “Odin can destroy one of his Weapons to gain ten thunder dice. Be epic in description.”

He smiled and went back inside. Later, he debriefed me and said “Dude, when I did that, the players freaked. It was awesome!”

So now that’s a rule, which I’ve used in my own games since. Combined with a couple other rules changes I made back in November, Mythender finally had the last piece of the game to make fighting a god feel desperate & winning early crucial.


The form factor has proven a hell of a challenge, but one that’s forced me to write better. I hope to have it done and ready for folks I’m calling “my cabal” in the next couple weeks. These folks will check what I’ve written and tell me if it’s off. Once that’s done, the game will be available for Random Kindness Encounter donors in its pre-edited state. Once it’s edited, it’ll be available to the world & I’ll start on the custom content that I promised high-end donors. I’ll also probably leak a bit out beforehand, because I’m that sort of guy.

I’ve got some near-done sheets:

I’m also starting to work with an artist for the individual covers. I’m pretty excited!

Finally, Mythender will be released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Because why not.

Thanks for being patient! :)

– Ryan


2 Responses to A Mythender Update

  1. Garret Narjes says:

    I’ve found the rule is usually pretty easy to narrate into the story as well. Odin killed his wolves, which after the shock of the players seeing me grab extra dice, they realized how much of a dick he was. He just killed two of his most loyal servants in a desperate attempt to live a few moments longer.

    I used it in the next session as well. Loki had been using his Master of Shapeshifting to appear as each of the mythenders in an attempt to turn them against each other. To continue the fight, he had to return to his normal form and start using Rune Magic.

    As a side note, I recently had an idea for players destroying their weapons, using it to offer up another chance for a sympathy moment/terrorizing mortals option. Nothing concrete though, just fuzzy ideas.

    • Ryan Macklin says:


      If you end up with something on that last bit about players destroying their weapons, let me know. Right now, I’m going to keep to-be-published the ruleset as-is — there’s enough choices going on — but what other people come up with fascinates me!

      – Ryan