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Flight vs Invisibility vs Status

Some tweets from Fred Hicks & Rob Donoghue regarding the Marvel RPG, the X-Men character Storm, and powers sparked this thought in my mind. Take note: I’m gonna ramble a bit. What is the purpose of the superpower we all know and love as “Flight”? Since it tends to be a fast-moving power, at least

Dot Con Fest Panel Tomorrow

Rare weekend post! I’ll be on the Dot Con Fest Gaming Panel tomorrow, Sundary 26th, at noon Pacific Time. Hell, I’ll just quote the site, because it’s short: Gaming Panel (12PM PST) Sunday is all about games.  The day starts out with a good old fashion convention panel run by gaming guru Logan Bonner featuring famous game

Horror & Being Watched in RPGs

It should be noted that I’m a huge fan of horror games, and that I’m always working on one.[1] Last night, I got to meet & talk with the fantastic Morgan Dempsey about horror movies & video games. We talked about The Orphanage, Alien, Aliens, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame 2, and others. One of the bits

Congrats to the Marvel Team!

There is a toxic side to the RPG world, as there is with all such worlds where money changes hands. Some publishers lie through their teeth, break their own terms, withhold payment, and use freelancers as scapegoats. It can get ugly, and right now I’m in the middle of that ugliness. But if I’m not

Dealing With Negative Reviews

I had a reader email me with: Hi! I have a suggestion for you to write about on your blog. How to recover from a negative review? […] It hurt, especially since some very valid points were made. This will happen if you make anything. I’ve written harsh criticism, and have received harsh criticism.[1] There are

Technoir: the Push Hack

This post will require you to know two things: about Jeremy Keller’s RPG, Technoir, and about the 2009 film Push. If you don’t know either of these things, well, the Technoir Player’s Guide is a free download and Push is available on the Internet, I’m sure. Check both out. Also: potential spoilers. At JoshCon, a