Reverb Gamers Prompt #9

Atlas Games is doing this thing called “Reverb Gamers 2012″, with 31 question prompts to kick off 2012. I’m going to post one up each day, including weekends, throughout January. I invite you to do the same! And check out @ReverbGamers on Twitter or Facebook.

REVERB GAMERS 2012, #9: Have you ever played a character of the opposite sex. Why or why not? If yes, how did the other players react?

Several times, in games where that mattered. There are stories you can only really tell with one gender, especially in a historical setting.

One time I did was while playing Grey Ranks, I played a female partisan member, and the story got really grim about what it meant to be young and female in wartorn, occupied Warsaw.

I’ve played women a couple times in Apocalypse World. One time of note, I was a 16-year-old faith healer girl (Angel with Healing Touch, for those who jazz the lingo), the source of power to the middle aged cult leader — proof that his cult was the one true whatever. Playing meek & feminine[1] was a change of pace, and the right role for me in that story.

I grew up in a house of women, immersed in stories about women, so for me playing a woman in a game doesn’t feel weird.

– Ryan

[1] Which, to be utterly clear, are two different adjectives, not saying that feminine = meek.