My Take on D&D Next

The gaming world is alive with the sound of WotC. They’ve announced that playtesting will start on a new version of D&D. And everyone in the gamerati is chattering about it, for better or worse. So, as one of the thousands of people who has only read announcements and not seen any of the actual work, I’m more than qualified to speak about it. So here goes:

Good luck, folks.

We learned a lot with Third Edition — in design, in marketing, in the OGL experiment, in long-tail publication, all of that jazz.

We learned a lot with Fourth Edition — again in design, but also how the effects it had and the different crowds it drew to and away from it

Regardless of which edition you like better, if you like either at all, you would be a fool to not learn from all of that. And I hope that D&D Next will give us more to learn from again. Not just the negative examples the Twittersphere harps on about, but some honestly good stuff too. And given the design team, I trust we’ll see something eye-opening.

Rock on, folks.

And to everyone who is going off crazytown, making huge, declarative statements about what will happen, keep doing that. I’ve bookmarked some of the crazier ones for when I need a good laugh.

– Ryan


2 Responses to My Take on D&D Next

  1. Eddy Webb says:

    D&D Next will only be played with the souls of the innocent as tokens.

    D&D Next will use Vampire 20th Anniversary Rules.

    D&D Next will be tattooed onto Monte Cook’s back.

  2. Fabien Badilla says:

    Hey, you could share the bookmarks with us. I wouldn’t mind :)