Daily Archives: January 16, 2012

My Take on D&D Next

The gaming world is alive with the sound of WotC. They’ve announced that playtesting will start on a new version of D&D. And everyone in the gamerati is chattering about it, for better or worse. So, as one of the thousands of people who has only read announcements and not seen any of the actual work,

Reverb Gamers Prompt #16

Atlas Games is doing this thing called “Reverb Gamers 2012″, with 31 question prompts to kick off 2012. I’m going to post one up each day, including weekends, throughout January. I invite you to do the same! And check out @ReverbGamers on Twitter or Facebook. REVERB GAMERS 2012, #16: Who was the most memorable foe you’ve ever come up against