The Two Ways to Fail

Failure comes in two broad categories: failure by doing and failure by not doing.

If you attempt and fail, you’ll have a stronger understanding of what to do next time, what did and didn’t work, and be a more awesome person for it. This what what we call “failing forward” applied to real life.

If you don’t even try, you’re letting life pass you buy with no growth or becoming more awesome.

So, unless the price for failure is something like death or dismemberment or entering politics, fucking do it already. Start failing forward, stop sitting on your ass.

– Ryan


One Response to The Two Ways to Fail

  1. Eric Jordan says:

    The Alamo. Camerone. The Spartans at Thermopylae. Tiananmen Square. All of these were defeats–failures, if you prefer. But all of them remind us that Shame and Defeat are not linked together: some failures are honored above those who triumphed.