The Bad Man

Folks! New stuff!

Years and years ago, I did a little Don’t Rest Your Head scenario at an EndGame Oakland mini-con called “The Bad Man”, one where you were a bunch of first graders in the Mad City. It was an experiment where I rewrote the character creation setup to have different questions & language for the kids. And it was a rousing success!

Fred Hicks & I shot back and forth on it. He rewrote bits of it, and he and I did up a new version of the helping & PVP rules. We’ve run it a few times since, and totally love it.

That was back in 2008. Then a little project call The Dresden Files ate our faces.

But today, we have spruced up the idea and released it for free…including the one-page version of the Don’t Rest Your Head rules. Free. You can get it from DriveThruRPG.

Contained within:

  • One-page version of the rules
  • One-page character questionnaire
  • One-page character sheet/reference
  • One-page setting write up, with bits on the right-hand side to rip up for use in play

Which, you know, you could download to see more of. :)

We didn’t write how to run this scenario intentionally — I run it differently every time, though I always start out just as the handouts say: I read it, we do character creation, and we talk about how they enter the Mad City. I may blog about the GMing more, and maybe not; there’s fruitfulness in discovering how to do something yourself when it comes to GMing.


Now, you might ask: why are Fred & I releasing this now, and for free? Read this post of Fred’s, and stay tuned…

– Ryan


2 Responses to The Bad Man

  1. Steffen says:

    Hi Ryan!

    It’s great to see some new stuff for DRYH!

    Is it ok if I translate The Bad Man and put it on my website?

    • Ryan Macklin says:


      Thanks! :)

      That’s the sort of question you should email to Fred & I, rather than comment on a blog post.

      – Ryan