RKE Bundle Reaction Video

A personal video reaction to how amazing y’all have been:


Too Long; Didn’t Watch:

  • We’re capping the donations at $15K, because woah.
  • Holy crap, you’re awesome. wut i dont even
  • I’ll talk more about Mythender later, because I have my hands full with managing this project. :)
  • Holy crap, you’re awesome.
  • I drink passable coffee.
  • Apologies to David & Filamena for spacing — it’s been a long couple days.
  • Incidentally, in the first 24 hours, 395 people raised $11,325. Again, holy crap, you’re awesome.
  • My video comment about the amount is awesomely out of date.
  • And for Will Hindmarch‘s Always/Never/Now:

– Ryan


7 Responses to RKE Bundle Reaction Video

  1. jenskot says:

    Love you Ryan!

  2. Chad Underkoffler says:

    You helped make a good thing happen for another person, mang.

    That’s pretty awesome.

  3. Evan Franke says:

    All I can say Ryan is thanks to you and Elizbeth for making it possible for so many people to help. You have found a community with a lot of heart. That means a lot. Congratulations, and most of all, every best wish for Kelly.

    I see that Always Never Now made out well. I’d like to shout out Tim Rodriguez’s Ghost Pirates on Kickstarter. It is another worthy game and needs to pull in some more money. Tim is part of your big hearted community and he actively works to make the world a better place. So, anyone reading this, give Ghost Pirates a look.

    Thanks again Ryan, Elizabeth, and Kelly, you live a glorious long life!

    • Ryan Macklin says:


      Thank you! :)

      And I totally forgot about Ghost Pirates! Here’s an embed:

      – Ryan

  4. Y’all have done a thing. A hell of a thing. A remarkable thing. Y’all have done good.

  5. Ryan Macklin says:

    I also feel like pointing out Elizabeth’s Kickstarter, which is also love-worthy:

    – Ryan