Random Kindness Realized!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Random Kindness Encounter Bundle!

575 People


In 3 days, 10 hours, 2 minutes and 45 seconds

Damn. We did a thing here, gaming world. Thank you very much.

– Ryan

(Oh, and now my promo widget points to a man who would like to see a dream come true, a dream of ghost piracy. It’s not cancer-fighting, but it’s worthy of support.)


3 Responses to Random Kindness Realized!

  1. Evan Franke says:

    Ryan, you and Elizabeth galvanized this effort. Even if each of us only helped in a small way (as I did), together, with your focus, we were mighty! Thank you both for making a difference and helping us make a difference.

    Glad to see the shout out to Ghost Pirates! It is almost there for its funding! Tim may not seem like he is fighting Cancer at the moment, but his life’s mission is to make the world more awesome, which will include kicking Cancer’s ass among other things. Ghost Pirates is just one of many steps I’d say. So, go Ghost Pirates!

    Thanks for an inspiring weekend. Good luck at the new job.

    • Actually, I have a secret identity — Superoxide Dismutase, Enzyme Vigilante. Fighting carcinogenic effects since the earth developed oxidative metabolism. Everyone should go eat some red/orange vegetables and get their carotenoid and anthocyanin vitamin A precursors.

      Mythend THAT!

  2. Morgan Collins says: