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Minimalism vs Baroque in Texts

Let’s talk about something that is is a hot button for people: how much text to put into a game. Nearly half of the conversations I either see or am a part of boil down to a difference of opinion on how much text to put into a game. There appears to be two camps:

Announcing Don’t Hack This Game!

Fred Hicks and I have worked together on a few mad ideas, but the one we’re going to talk about today may be the maddest of them all! One of Evil Hat’s earliest games, Don’t Rest Your Head, has been out for five years now, and people have been doing all sorts of crazy hacks

The Most Boring Rule

They say a meme is the idea analog to a virus because of how they spread. Some ideas are also like the flu virus; they make a healthy body weak and ache. And just as the flu lives on from host to host, so do some really crappy ideas. Like “Defenders win ties.” That might

Simple DRYH GM Trick: Modifiers

One of the interesting things about Don’t Rest Your Head is the GM dynamic. 90% of the GM’s decisions points & influence are narrative, as there’s only one mechanic to immediately press: how much Pain dice is rolled in a moment. Normally, that’s determined by the sort of threat you have in play (or, if

Ask For Things

The whole #FemaleGenConGoH thing yesterday, and something that Tracy Hurley (@SarahDarkmagic) mentioned on Twitter today, made me realize that I should write about asking for things. Speaking of Guests of Honor, @RyanMacklin gave a really good tip I’d love to share again. While cons ask some to be GoH, some ask the orgs. There’s a perception

The Bad Man

Folks! New stuff! Years and years ago, I did a little Don’t Rest Your Head scenario at an EndGame Oakland mini-con called “The Bad Man”, one where you were a bunch of first graders in the Mad City. It was an experiment where I rewrote the character creation setup to have different questions & language