End Cancer, Get Mythender

Many of you have waited years for me to say this: I’m finally releasing Mythender.

Well, maybe. It depends on you. No maybe about it!

Here’s the deal. The game’s done, and I am not interested in retooling it to use a different die mechanic to make it “marketable.” It rocks the house right now, and over a hundred people have played it throughout the last five years. I love the hell out of this game, and it’s ready to go out and fly and all that paternal jazz.

So I’m going to throw it out there, as a free game for everyone. But only if a charity bundle I’m helping with hits a goal.

Random Kindness Encounter Bundle

Elizabeth Sampat & I have a friend in need, Kelly. Here’s Elizabeth telling you about her. Read this, then keep going for more on Mythender.

Kelly ClineHey guys—

I want to tell you about my friend Kelly. She is a hilarious badass, and a modestly successful food photographer. She’s got a pretty great life at a pretty young age— husband imported from Denmark, two cute cats, and she gets to do what she loves. She is generous to a fault, relentlessly cheerful, and a giant nerd who LOVES D&D and Minecraft.

Last month, she wasn’t feeling so great, so she went to the doctor. Tumors everywhere. That’s not a euphemism.

She had the tumors removed and everything biopsied, and bad news came back. I would have been upset; her husband certainly was. How do you think she reacted?

“Today is a GREAT day! First of all, today is officially 1 week of healing under my belt since surgery, which is 1 week closer to being healed up. Biopsy results on colon, bladder, ovaries and tumors came in…. Colon, bladder & ovaries are CLEAR! Tumors are all benign. Now… To heal up and finish the fight with the last enemy left: Cervical Cancer. I will not accept defeat.”

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine getting yourself psyched about JUST having cervical cancer? I was having a bad day, but shit damn did that put it into perspective. Like I said, relentlessly positive.

Except she’s having trouble staying positive lately. Despite a super-high monthly insurance premium, she owes three grand on the tumor removal— and will probably owe another four grand after this round of radiation.

Elizabeth & I have put together a charity bundle with a half dozen other indie games, including Vincent Baker’s new Murderous Ghosts, to raise money for Kelly’s medical bills. We’re calling it the Random Kindness Encounter Bundle.

Where this fits with Mythender

If it hits $4000 by January 1st, 2012, I’ll release Mythender for free as an electronic game. Donators will get it at least a month before the rest of the world; you’ll get the pre-editor copy, and the world will have to wait for post-editing. I suspect this to be ready for donators in February — I’m nearly done with getting the text where I want it, and the layout will take a bit.

If it doesn’t, then Mythender’s over. If it can’t help sweeten the deal for a charity bundle, then it wasn’t meant to be. Holy shit, you guys are awesome. We hit $4K in around three hours!

There are different rewards at different donations levels (provided the goal’s hit, of course):

  • At $10 (Kind Kobold) – You’ll get Mythender a minimum of a month before the public does.
  • At $25 (Generous Goblin) – As above, and you’ll get a thank you in Mythender, under “Names Forever Etched In Time”. If your name as is in your PayPal isn’t what you want, please let Ryan know!
  • At $50 (Outstanding Owlbear) – As above, and we’ll turn you into a Mythender! You’ll be immortalized on the Mythender website as “Champions of the Warsong”. Ryan will email you about this, once Mythender is out to the donators.
  • At $100 (Terrific Tarrasque) – As above, and you’ll get to come up with one of the Myths — the monsters & gods of a world — in a Mythic World playset. Again, Ryan will email once Mythender is out to the donators.
  • At $250 (Magnanimous Myth) – as above, and I’ll make a whole Mythic World playset in your name! Once Mythender’s out to the donators, Ryan’ll email you with some questions and start work on the playsets.

When/if it hits $4000, I’ll post more about what I’m doing with the game. I’m pretty damned excited about it, as I’m incorporating new ideas about how to present complicated rules text. But I will start with this: Mythic Norden, the myths of Scandinavia, is just one “Mythic World playset” I have in mind.

So please, check out the bundle and help Kelly out. Let’s End Kelly’s cancer.

– Ryan


20 Responses to End Cancer, Get Mythender

  1. Wow. If there is one thing I want to end is cancer. It took my mother, and that fucker owes me for that. If I can help it, it won’t take any one else. So hell yeah on this. Let’s make CancerEnder. Kelly will have my donation and help in publicizing this awesome way to help someone in need.

  2. Eric Lytle says:

    Don’t know why this didn’t occur to me before now. But I want this game to play a tabletop version of Skyrim. Which has the main storyline to kill the dragon god of the Elder Scrolls world.

  3. Lizzy B. says:

    Fuck cancer, man.

  4. Sean Nittner says:

    Hell yeah! I lost my sister and grandmother to cancer. Thanks for doings this man, and thanks for doing it this way! You rock… off to kick it!

  5. Joseph LeMay says:

    Let’s see, amazing bundle, amazing price, all proceeds go to saving a great person from cancer? HELL YES. Done and done.

    Also, my last living grandparent, my paternal grandfather, is currently dying the slow and painful death that is stage IV lung cancer. I’m pretty sure he’ll be proud of anyone who donates to this.

    Additionally, I can’t seem to get Human Contact to download properly…

    • Ryan Macklin says:


      Yeah…I’ve been there. My thoughts are out to you.

      As far as the download, we’re getting hit by high traffic right now. Could you try again in a little bit? I apologize for the inconvenience. :(

      – Ryan

    • Fred Hicks says:

      I managed to download the individual games just fine, but the big “all in one” zipfile did not unzip properly (which is why I went for the individuals).

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      The files should work now. It’s a server load thing, which I’m looking in to.

      I did have to take down the all-in-one ZIP, unfortunately. That filesize was choking all over the place. :/

      – Ryan

  6. Jeremy Tidwell says:

    Done. Good call, Ryan. :)

  7. Joseph LeMay says:

    Actually, Ryan, I was wondering if we could post a photo of him? It was taken just after he came back from his first cancer-related hospital stay, and he is smiling and giving cancer the finger. He’s pretty epic like that. Just if you wanted a fun, “Fuck cancer!” angle. :P

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      Sure! Go ahead and drop the image tag in the comments. I think that’ll pass through my WordPress. :)

      – Ryan

  8. Yo, Ryan, you ran out of white space on that progress bar. :-)

  9. Fred Hicks says:

    Can’t wait to see the Evil Hat mythic world playset. :-D

  10. Joseph LeMay says:

    Presenting, for your viewing pleasure, Ray LeMay!


    That’s right, Pepe, FUCK cancer.

  11. Joseph LeMay says:

    Presenting, for your viewing pleasure, Ray LeMay!


    That’s right, Pepe, FUCK cancer.


  12. Wayne says:

    No doubt cancer sucks. Two of my uncles and both of my wife’s parents, to name a few. The funny thing is, I was actually kind of hoping that I had cancer when I was in the process of being diagnosed as having an immune disorder, which is ridiculous but true.

    Elizabeth shall be getting some coin from me (when I get paid next week).

  13. Laura Bishop says:

    Cancer took my 17yr old cousin, both my grandparents, two aunts, and my goddamn mother.

    Yeah. Fuck cancer. I’ve had enough of his shit already.