Monthly Archives: December 2011

My Top Games of 2011

It’s good to look back and see how games have changes our perspectives, enriched our lives, or just helped alleviate boredom & curiosity. This list is of the games that gave me something to think about and I think is worthwhile for others to. These are in no particular order, and I’ll end up cheating

An Example of a Good Pitch

We’ve received ten pitches for Don’t Hack This Game, which excites me! And in anthology production, you got good pitches and you get sad ones. I’m going to show you an example of a good pitch, from Rob Donoghue. (Or, rather, he’ll show you.) Proposal #1: Don’t Turn Your Back ~2000 Words Rob Donoghue –

Tackling Project Indecision

I was asked this question on Twitter yesterday: I gotta ask, have you ever had so many projects going on, you didn’t know which one to do next? Hah, man, yeah. All the time. Freelancing taught me a rule: Just Start Something. But that’s easy to say. Maybe you have four ideas, all of them

An Understanding of Context Channels

Today, I talk about the think I brought up last week in my post about minimalism vs baroque text design: context channels. A context channel is a collection of related information dictated in the same way. Rules are one context channel. Examples are another. Commentary sidebars are yet another. And fiction in games is one

Be a Different Stupid

I was talking with Will Hindmarch yesterday about, well, a lot of random subjects[1], and I said “ah, to be young and stupid.” There was a pause, a stare, and I was compelled to add “Okay, I’m less young now, but still young. And I’m a different stupid.” And then that became the conversation, about

The Two Ways to Fail

Failure comes in two broad categories: failure by doing and failure by not doing. If you attempt and fail, you’ll have a stronger understanding of what to do next time, what did and didn’t work, and be a more awesome person for it. This what what we call “failing forward” applied to real life. If