The totally kick-ass Elizabeth Sampat has a new project that I’m (a) totally excited about and (b) totally not involve in! :) She’s making a game called THEY BECAME FLESH[1], which is about the fall of a third of the Host and their exile to the mortal realm. I was privvy to an early rules draft, and was really intrigued by what I saw.

Check out the Kickstarter video:

If this sort of thing sounds up your alley, a PDF is as low as $5. $12 for a print as well, and from there.

Rock on, Elizabeth. You may have just made the angel game I’ve been waiting years for. Here are some highlights, for those just tuning in:

  • Play during the game, and the decisions you make, will drive your fallen angel toward an endgame, much like in Polaris, or if you’re not familiar with that like Fiasco’s aftermath (though, it doesn’t feel like Fiasco at all, just there’s an endgame you’re going toward).
  • There are two GMs, one playing God/the forces of Heaven/cosmos/etc. and one playing Humanity/people who need & want stuff & have feelings and junk. (And may or may not be as emo as I just suggested, your play will vary.)
  • It has the same sort of vibe as, say, My Life With Master, where the things that you are…well, not so much “good at” but “are inclined to do” is based on descriptive phrases. Each one is tied to their connection to God, to Humanity, and to their Fallen brethren. What sort of connection you use is important, because that informs your direction. It’s, of course, the job of the GMs to challenge that.
  • It uses far fewer dice than Mythender. :)

So, yeah, I’m all over it.

– Ryan

[1] Yup, all caps. Like God is saying it, in the way that God is depicted as speaking in media. If I were a thoroughly heretical person, I would recommend that someone tell God where his caps lock key is. (Pro tip: I totally am that person. :)