Monthly Archives: November 2011

Don’t Work Without a Contract

A rather ranty letter from me to past-Ryan Macklin: Dear Past-Ryan, You’re a fucking moron. Thanks to your actions, I have four companies* that aren’t paying me for work we’ve done. I have a few thousand dollars in outstanding payments, emails to these people go into the ether, and I’m wasting a lot of spoons

Hacking Stress in Cortex Plus

[Edit 10-JAN-13: This is a rough draft of an article that’s in the Cortex Plus Hackers Guide (with some side notes). So, if you’re wondering what sort of cool stuff inside, here’s a sample!] In Cortex Plus Drama, Stress is how your characters deal with setbacks and defeat. It hits them in the moment when they

Disappointment in Mayday Games

A bit ago, I bought into Get Bit‘s Kickstarter. I was pretty excited by this, because it’s a cute game by Dave Chalker, and watching a video of the game played/reviewed told me it’d be a fun game to play with kids (and thus a fun game to play with drunk friends[1]). That it was

Unknown Armies Fillable Character Sheet

I decided to put up a place where I can post useful, downloadable stuff I make! The first thing I’m adding to it is an Unknown Armies 2/e

Convention Games & Calling Cards

Here’s a thought for publishers out there of the small press stuff. For the past several years, I’ve flown around from convention to convention running indie games for people. Many of them try several games, like sampling a buffet. If I’m excited about a game, like I am right now about running Technoir tonight, I’d


The totally kick-ass Elizabeth Sampat has a new project that I’m (a) totally excited about and (b) totally not involve in! :) She’s making a game called THEY BECAME FLESH[1], which is about the fall of a third of the Host and their exile to the mortal realm. I was privvy to an early rules