Void Vultures: a Kickass Space Crawl Game

Josh Roby and I have a new game out on Kickstarter: Void Vultures.

Void Vultures is a pick-up-and-play science fiction roleplaying game in which you play “salvage experts” picking apart dangerous derelict space stations to keep your home township alive.  Play is quick, fun, and light; you can clear a derelict in an hour or two, or take on a behemoth over the course of a few hours.

This started as a joke on Twitter, or IM, I can’t remember. It’s powered by “Rülsleit”[1], this idea we shot around about a quick-to-resolve system with a tongue-in-cheek feel. Then the document passing went back and forth. If you’ve already backed it, you’ll see that my name is on the in-development document. That’s because I’m the other half of this project: its instigator & editor.

If you read my post recently about the sort of games I want to make, this is pretty much it: light, 24 pages, it’s ready to roll. Well, it’s two 24 page books — the main book with all the rules, and a companion book with all sorts of derelicts in the void to salvage.

If this sort of thing piques your interest, for a mere $5 you can check out the PDF of the main book, Rüls of the Void, right now. We’re still doing the final touches on it, and while we’re getting the art & working on Derelicts of the Void — the point of the Kickstarter funding — we’ll take your playtest feedback into the process

Now we’re pretty close to hitting our goal of $750. I know what happens next once we break past that, and I’m all a-tingle about it.

Looks like we made it! Which means we’re going bigger… Here’s Josh’s update:

The Void Vultures kickstarter has reached its initial goal of $750! We’ll be able to get some awesome art from awesome artists (details coming soon) and make both Rüls of the Void and Derelicts of the Void into great PDFs.

But if we can get the kickstarter to go further, we’ll make Rüls and Derelicts even better… we’ll make them free.

If this kickstarter hits $1500, both Rüls of the Void and Derelicts of the Void will be fully ransomed, freely downloadable to the world.

But wait, you might be thinking, if the game becomes free, what have I bought, then? Never fear, our loyal, generous, and very appreciated backers: we’ve got something special right here, just for you.

At the next threshold, we’ll create Horrors of the Void, a second expansion exclusively for Void Vultures’ backers. This expansion will invade your brain with 24 more pages of off-the-hook options for your salvage experts themselves and the terrible threats they face. Play void vultures with mind-bending Psi powers or augmented with powerful Cyber. Confront the treacherous Void Syndicate or quail before the New Solar Order.

And the best part? All that good stuff will only be available to backers like you and those lucky gamers who play with you. How’s that for a perk?

So prod your friends to check out Void Vultures. Post, tweet, status-update, and whatever else so that we can push this thing to the stars.

Thank you for all your support! We wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

So, yeah, you want to see Josh & I get our Space Horror on? Yeah you do. Swing on by & help us out!


(And don’t think that’s all we have planned. We’ll see what happens once we get to $1500, if we do.)

– Ryan

[1] HAHAHAHAHAHA aren’t we clever[1a]

[1a] Dear god, I hope we are. Hold me, Marge.


3 Responses to Void Vultures: a Kickass Space Crawl Game

  1. Hamish says:

    I suspect Rülsleit will be another word I insist on pronouncing correctly despite common gamer usage (cf. Agricola, Agon).

  2. EZ says:

    This is already 460 times the size of your previous game! “Rülsleit”? Yeah right!

  3. Wayne says:

    *sigh* Another game to suck bucks from my bank.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the final product! And the playtest. I’m running a mini-con in December and can probably give it a run or two there.