Race to Adventure! at Big Bad Con

This Weekend, at Big Bad Con…

Are you going to Big Bad Con this weekend, in currently-not-so-sunny Oakland, California? If not, why exactly do you hate adventure?

Race to AdventureBecause if you loved adventure, you would Race to it! Evil Hat Productions’ Race to Adventure, a pulp action-selection game set in the Spirit of the Century universe, is one of the events going on this weekend. Want to win fabulous prizes? Then you want to be there!

I’m quite a fan of this game[1], and am excited to see the designers getting the attention they & the game deserve. They’ll be teaching the game during an official slot on Friday at 2pm at Open Gaming, though I wouldn’t doubt that they’ll occasionally hang around Open Gaming to demo RtA more. But what’s more awesome are the tournaments, happening on Saturday and Sunday at noon, again at Open Gaming.

Did I mention this game takes, like, 20 minutes to play?

Speaking of Open Gaming…

There are some cool folks who will be working to keep the Open Gaming area at Big Bad Con active. I’ll be one of those people, where I’ll be running “Mythender Classic” (yes, the ‘way too many dice’ version of the game) on Friday from 6pm on.[2] The Race to Adventure guys will be there, my cohort Leonard Balsera will be there, it’ll be a great time. Check it out!

And I think Endgame will have a booth somewhere near there.

Did I Mention Leonard Balsera?

I totally did! So I would be remiss in my duties as a shameless promoter if I didn’t mention the Game Design Seminar Over Drinks thing we’re doing:

Lenny and Ryan are known for enjoy the finer things in life: making role-playing games, and drinking tasty cocktails. They invite you to hang out with them and talk about game design & publishing, an informal Q&A from these two award-winning Fate developers.

It should be noted that you do not need to buy us a drink to attend. But doing so will make your games more successful and you more attractive to members of the opposite sex. Or same sex. Or both. Okay, fine, we’ll just be thankful and probably talk longer. But the main thing we want is for great company who share the passions we do.

(I cannot tell you how much I enjoy writing these sorts of event blurbs.)

This is on Saturday night from 10pm on. Technically the event says until midnight, and likely that’s when the bar will stop serving, but we’ll be there as long as we have energy and there are people who want to chat. If it turns out the bar isn’t hospitable for such conversation, we’ll find another place and I’ll tweet about it. And I’ll make Sean Nittner, the con over, tweet about it on @BigBadCon.

If You’re Going and use Twitter or Facebook…

I believe Sean’s plan is to have important details announced in, among other ways, over Twitter. So follow @BigBadCon for up-to-date info. Or follow on Facebook. Maximize your fun. Stay plugged in.

Oh, and There’s an Outdoor Heated Pool

Seriously, there’s an outdoor heated pool in the hotel. I may make some use of that. Especially if it’s heated well enough and it’s raining outside.

– Ryan

[1] Which is one of the chief criteria for me editing a game. If I don’t love it, I’m not the right fit for it.

[2] Oh, fuck, I have con prep to do for this weekend, don’t I? Fuck. :)