Meet Josh Roby & me at EndGame on Saturday 10/1


Josh Roby & I will be bumming around EndGame Oakland this Saturday, from around noon until 5. We want to get some people together who’d be interested in playtesting some stuff, or just playing, or just talking about games. It’s a low-key thing rather than an official event; he’s in town and we want to spend time with folks of our tribe.

Of course, he’ll be around to sign Smallville, Sons of Liberty, etc., just as I’ll be for Leverage, Dresden Files, etc.

If you think you might come up, let me know in the comments. Party on! \m/

– Ryan

(Regarding the Flash Game Design Challenge: I’ll be reading the entries over the next few days. Last weekend was the Nerdly Beach Party, and the few days before that were eaten by prepping for NBP, so I’m a bit behind.)


One Response to Meet Josh Roby & me at EndGame on Saturday 10/1

  1. EZ says:

    Cool! If I’m in town I’ll be there.