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Folks I Admire: Amanda Valentine

Amanda Valentine has been my editor since I started working on the Dresden Files RPG. I have met a number of fantastic editors in my life as a writer, editor & production manager, but my don’t often get to watch an editor work both on what I’ve written (thus dealing with me as a writer),

Flash Game Design Friday

So, inspired by Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenges, I had a weird, possibly useless idea: Flash Game Design Challenge. I’m going to give you three mechanical ingredients. You use at least two: Two dice that you don’t add together A single token that sometimes is and sometimes isn’t on your character sheet/possessed by the player

We’re All Faking It

Every now an then, someone who’re really competent and awesome says “Man, I’m just faking it.” Daniel Solis said that a couple weeks back, to which several of us replied back with “Dude, so am I.” Today, I’ll tell you the story of how I’m faking it, because I want every to know that faking

The Math Will Fuck You

In face-to-face game design (pen & paper RPGs, card games, etc.), I have a mantra: Don’t design around math. The math will always fuck you. It will distract you from the point: designing around experience. (And I say that as a software engineer that almost double-majored in math.) I first suffered the “joy” of learning

Mastering Fear and Starting Over

If there is anything I’ve learned from my time spent with masters of this craft, it’s that sometimes you have to admit a design doesn’t work, and to start over. And that’s where I have been with Mythender for some time now. (And as such, this post might not make much sense of you don’t

Cortex Plus and the Role of Dice Assembling

Cortex Plus is pure elegance in its simplicity, and is currently my go-to when I start thinking about game tinkering. Naturally, I got some heavy duty time in when I was on the Leverage team, but I honestly didn’t get the full awesome of the system until after playing Smallville, playing Leverage with other people,