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Difference Between Keys & Highlighted Stats

Some discussion on my post yesterday about Dungeon World naturally went to talking about the advancement system. One of the proposed ideas on Story-Games is to use Keys from The Shadow of Yesterday. And as I read these ideas, I hear a discordant note. This post is my attempt to talk out my own thoughts,

My Dungeon World Experience at NBP8

Dungeon World might be my new favorite pick-up game. This post is mostly me geeking about it[1], followed by some thoughts on the system. (I tweeted a bit ago that it’s got the best writing I’ve seen out of indieland since Chronica Feudalis & Fiasco. And I’ve been looking forward to playing it since I

The Games I Want To Make

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now, so I thought I would pitch to you the sort of games I want to make in the next couple years. It boils down to this: small, setting-rich, focused on doing one thing really well, pickup-able. Small When I initially read Don’t Rest Your Head, shortly after it came

Meet Josh Roby & me at EndGame on Saturday 10/1

Folks, Josh Roby & I will be bumming around EndGame Oakland this Saturday, from around noon until 5. We want to get some people together who’d be interested in playtesting some stuff, or just playing, or just talking about games. It’s a low-key thing rather than an official event; he’s in town and we want

One Way To Win Internet Arguments And Influence People

Inspired by this tweet from Chris Pramas (and, well, the Internet in general), I made this image tribute to one of the time-tested ways of winning arguments online: Here’s to all you Internet warriors fighting the good fight so the rest of us don’t have to. – Ryan [Image is licensed under Creative Commons Attribition-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. Original

Bad Idea: Lottery Systems for Conventions

A thing that the conventions in the San Francisco Bay Area tend to do regarding game sign-ups is a lottery system for knowing who’s in a given game. Here’s how they work: You sign up for a game, either for one game or a cascading list of preferences At some point, a “shuffler” assigns everyone