My Personal Gen Con 2011 Wrap-up

Evil Hat at the ENnies, sans hats

This was probably my best Gen Con to date. I’m not going to go into huge detail, as I’m still recovering, but I wanted to share some of those moments with you.

First of all, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the One Cool Thing video that Jason Morningstar did (as is his way):

Of course, the ENnies were a big deal to us at Evil Hat. Here are a couple photos that say what words right now fail to:

Evil Hat at the ENnies, sans hats

Fred Hicks, Ryan Macklin, Clark Valentine, Amanda Valentine

ENnie Award for Best Game 2011

The result of years of effort and the power of genius friends.

I won’t lie: that I got to share that moment with my girlfriend & some of my best friends (including those on the stage with me) was pretty damned awesome.

I released a new game that seemed to be a hit at the show. I was approached constantly about it by Friday. Some people said, in earnest, that it was their breakout hit of Gen Con. To that I say: wow. And sure, I’ll write the Advanced Players Guide.

I was on This Just In…From Gen Con! 2011, the Saturday 11am show. Thank you to Cthulhu for sponsoring and showing up to that episode. My mind will never be the same. I’m also on the TJI Wrap-up episode, which I’m sure will be out sometime in the next few days.

The Ancient Masters of Sagefight returned this year. Master Daniel Solis posted up those videos. And I give a bow to Master Daniel Perez, for being the first to best me in Masters Without Swords.

I met some amazing people this weekend. And I’d like to thank Steve Segedy for arranging a fantastic dinner group Thursday night, and Logan Bonner for bringing me to another fantastic dinner Saturday night. With you two, my win condition for Gen Con — time with brilliant and passionate people — was met.

A huge thank-you to Nora Last for the gift of a flask cozy. It matched my tux! :D

Turquoise through and through

My outfit for the ENnies, and my flask in a cozy made by Nora Last.

I’ll probably keep in the conversations on Twitter, but I’m gonna take a few days off my blog. See y’all Friday or Monday.

Rock on. As they say: Next year in Jerusalem.

– Ryan


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  1. Respect. Trust. Sagefight.