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Indie Gaming at PAX 2011

Guys! PAX is upon us! And if you’re going, you must stop by the Indie RPGs on Demand room there. The inestimable Sage La Torra is heading up an epicenter of awesome. I’ll let him take it from here. (With the emphases mine) I’ll be here quite a bit, either gaming or hanging out, so if

Thoughts on Convention Game Blurbs

I recently submitted a few game blurbs to Celestion & Big Bad Con, and I thought that how I come up with blurbs might be useful. Especially because, for some reason, I always stall on this until the last possibly minute. So, codifying my thoughts will help me out, and I hope it helps you, too. Here are

Editor No-Nos

I naturally talk a lot about editing, the benefit of editors, the healing power their hands provide against the sickness that is unclear and troubled writing. But it’s not all sunshine and happiness. There are editor comments I’ve seen that have driven me up the wall as either a writer or product developer. Here are

Moving to Seattle

I announced it on Twitter yesterday, but it’s worth saying with more that 140 characters. Due to a job & apartment situation, I’m looking to move. And with a combination of personal and professional interests, I’m going to leave California and move to the greater Seattle area. I expect this to happen in late October,

Aethertide: The Power of Correspondence

Once a person is properly attuned to space, it’s possible to see or chart anomalies like singularities and point masses. Gravity wells, wormholes and curved geometry are second nature. Remember how your math classes told you that a triangle always adds up to 180 degrees? Take a triangle and lay it on top of a

My Personal Gen Con 2011 Wrap-up

This was probably my best Gen Con to date. I’m not going to go into huge detail, as I’m still recovering, but I wanted to share some of