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Editing is a Negotiation

Editing is a negotiation. That means as an editor, I’m going to propose a lot of stuff: copy edits, structural changes, removal of content, addition of content, language tweaks, etc. My job means identifying problems and proposing solutions, either in comments or by doing the work (depending on the editing arrangement). Here’s the kicker: some of

Talking GM Advice on Dungeon Master Guys

Last week, ENnie-nominated Dave the Game[1] interviewed ENnie-nominated Brennan Taylor and ENnie-nominated[2] me about one of my most very favorite probably-ENnie-nominated topics ever, convention GMing. It’s on the ENnie-nominated Dungeon Master Guys podcast, episode 11. In This Episode: Special guest Sarah Darkmagic assists in hosting duties Dave talks to Brennan Taylor and Ryan Macklin about running convention games NewbieDM talks to Daniel Perez about running

Go Vote in the ENnies!

(Fred said it well, so I’ll just copy him.) The ENnie Awards Voting Booth is live, and will be  for over a week. That said, please don’t delay in making sure your voice is heard in one of the RPG industry’s biggest awards! The Dresden Files RPG has received an outstanding six nominations this year, and Happy Birthday Robot received

Aethertide Characters

I wrote about Aethertide’s character notes before, but something rang false with them. The Ars Magica setup didn’t jive with “Dude, we’re playing Mage.” So, I ditched the “have dice in Create, Manipulate, etc.” I also decided to ditch the idea that Mages had a die in every Sphere. Given the fact that in Cortex+,

NPC Touchstones & Two months later…

I started running an Aethertide game over Skype, so this week will be all me talking about that. Today, I’ll talk about a couple GM tricks that I used during it to attempt group cohesion we did during the character creation/world creation/playing out the initial meeting. To recap the premise: Something simultaneously bombs the Technocracy

ENnies 2011 Nominations

The thing about being on the West Coast and not waking up at the crack of dawn is that you don’t have to wait long to find out certain news, including the ENnie Awards nominations. The Dresden Files RPG has been nominated in six categories, and Happy Birthday, Robot! in four. Friends of the Hat