Go Vote in the ENnies!

(Fred said it well, so I’ll just copy him.) The ENnie Awards Voting Booth is live, and will be  for over a week. That said, please don’t delay in making sure your voice is heard in one of the RPG industry’s biggest awards!


The Dresden Files RPG has received an outstanding six nominations this year, and Happy Birthday Robot received four as well. We certainly hope you agree with us that these are some of the best games this year and worth your votes, but even if you don’t agree, please do vote. The ENnies deserve the love!


As for my own thoughts, I made this a couple years ago back when The Voice of the Revolution was up for an ENnie. I figure it still applies today, even if my shameful lack of facial hair in the video doesn’t.

Okay, now that I’m rewatch that, replace:

  • “show” with “game”
  • “Best podcast” with “a number of nominations”
  • “Paul Tevis & Brennan Taylor” with “Evil Hat”
  • “July 24th” with “July 15th”
  • My beardless face with the face of a man, capable of drinking bourbon
  • etc.

Man, this video editing thing is easier than I thought.

Anyway, thank you for taking part in the process.

– Ryan