ENnies 2011 Nominations

The thing about being on the West Coast and not waking up at the crack of dawn is that you don’t have to wait long to find out certain news, including the ENnie Awards nominations. The Dresden Files RPG has been nominated in six categories, and Happy Birthday, Robot! in four. Friends of the Hat have some nods as well. All in all, a good spread.

Fred points out ours on his blog. In short: DFRPG’s up for Best Game, Best New Game, Best Production Values, Best Rules, Best Writing, and Product of the Year. That HBR is also in Best Game, Best New Game, Best Production Values, and Product of the Year is pretty cool as well.

Some personal call outs

A fist bump to Posthuman Studios for Eclipse Phase Gamemaster Pack (Best Aid/Accessory), Continuity (Best Electronic Book[1]) & Gatecrashing (Best Production Values[2] & Best Supplement). If you’re in the Bay Area, Endgame Oakland will be doing an Eclipse Phase day sometime in August. Follow them for news.

Steve Kenson‘s books have got quite a nice spread, between DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook (Best Art, Interior; Product of the Year), Mutants and Masterminds (Best Art, Cover; Best Game; Best Rules) & Icons (Best Game, Best New Game, Best Rules). Props to him, and to Green Ronin & Adamant Entertainment.

Cubicle 7‘s got a Fate game up for Best Game & Best Rules: Legends of Anglerre.

My good friend Jennifer Brozek was one of the writers on Shanghai Vampocalypse, for Best Electronic Book.

Graham Walmsley‘s A Taste For Murder is a delightful parlor game. I look forward to finally trying it, and happy to see it get a nod.

It’s no secret that I love the guys at Gameplaywright. I’m beyond happy to see The Bones get nominated. And Hamlet’s Hit Points as well. The books they forge are nothing short of mindshakingly awesome.

There are quite a few of Fate & Fate-inspired/influenced games on the board. That’s pretty exciting. It’s certainly not the reason we do this, but it’s fun to dress up and celebrate for a night with others who aren’t doing this for the awards, or for the money[3], but because we just fucking love doing this thing.

And while I don’t want to go into depth about who didn’t make it and all that, I will say that I’m bummed not to see Smallville or Leverage up on the board. Both are outstanding games that really turned around the perception of the Cortex system.[4]

Speaking of dressing up, want a dream date?

Going to Gen Con? Have a date for the ENnie Awards? Do you want one?

This year, the highest bidder will meet Ryan Macklin and a motley crew of whoever else from Evil Hat can make it to Gen Con, potentially including Clark and Amanda Valentine and Leonard Balsera and sit with them during the 2011 ENnie Awards ceremony taking place at Gen Con on Friday, August 5th, at 6:30pm in the 500 Ballroom.

You will also receive all the PDFs in the Evil Hat catalog.

We’re up for bid on eBay right now. And at the time of this posting, we’re apparently valued at $100. I should warn you that it’s looking unlikely that Lenny will be able to join us, so if you’d be bidding primarily for his smiling face, you’ll be disappointed. But I can do a good impression of him (and he can me), so maybe if we get to $200, I’ll pretend to be him all night.

Which means more rum than my liver is used to.

– Ryan

[1] If they weren’t up for Best Electronic Book, my mind would boggle. They’re leading edge on that begoodness.

[2] Adam Fucking Jury, baby

[3] That there’s money means we can, but the skillsets publishers and folks gain in this industry can get you better money elsewhere.

[4] Which, in my not so humble opinion, is why Cam Banks’ efforts deserve such nominations.