Congrats to Technoir, from Ring City

Congratulations to Jeremy Keller for the outstanding funding success of Technoir.

I guess now is good time to mention that I wrote a little something for the book: the Kilimanjaro Ring Transmission. Three years ago, I had this idea for a cyberpunk setting that took Gibson’s ideas about the Sprawl & Chiba City in Neuromancer, and the ideas of a space elevator that’s popular in science fiction (and one of the reasons I loved setting games in Transhuman Space‘s Mars). I’ve wanted to mesh these ideas together pretty back, but with no clear vehicle for it, it went shelved back in my mind. When I played Technoir back in January, those ideas bubbled back to the surface, so I wrote this up for Jeremy on a lark:

Kilimanjaro Ring Transmission



Mount Kilimanjaro, site of Earth-to-Orbit Beanstalk, has the attention of the richest conglomerates in the world. There’s a lot to be gained by easy space access: a wealth of minerals, cheaper construction in zero-gee, an outlet for an overcrowded biosphere, and so on. Much of the bleeding-edge nanoconstruction being used comes from Steiner Technology, both on the Beanstalk and in Ring City.


For those working in the Construction Zone, the debris usually blots out the sun. But where most people live and work–the massive Ring City circling the summit a mile below the Zone–is very clean for a densely populated arcology network. Built over the last ten years, air & waste are all recycled and power is generated from Kilimanjaro’s geothermal energy. The Ring is pressurized, sunlight generated, seasons manufactured–all the comforts of near sea-level living.


Kilimanjaro isn’t the only volcano here. The Central African Economic Combine keeps a tight hold on land rights. Foreign nationals have short leases; with the frequent delays on the Beanstalk Project, tensions between the government and those investing in the Ring and Beanstalk are high. Making matters worse are terrorists threats on the Beanstalk and the media’s sensationalism.

[This is the unedited text I submitted to him. It’s in his editing queue now.]

He liked the idea, so I wrote up the rest of the Transmission. We’re talking about the art for it right now. I’m pretty excited. Jeremy has a phenomenal game, and now my idea has a great home.

I hope you all enjoy Technoir. I’m honored to be a part of it.

– Ryan


3 Responses to Congrats to Technoir, from Ring City

  1. I should probably mention that Ryan’s first email to me about this setting—and him asking me how I was going to handle setting in the game—was the impetus for me ripping off Fiasc— um, I mean for me coming up with Transmissions in the first place.

  2. Reading, as I am, Neuromancer, this Transmission fills me with glee. :-)