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RPG Buzzword Bingo for Gen Con 2011

Are you going to be at Gen Con next week? If so, let’s play a game of buzzword bingo! To get your card, click on the link below: RPG Buzzword Bingo for Gen Con 2011 This card is generated from around 70 terms and 20 quotes for the center. Playing is simple, and the instructions

Bringing Alcohol to Conventions

Several people have asked me about drinking at conventions. Apparently, I have some sort of reputation for being a, uh, who the fuck am I kidding? I have

Dungeon World at Gen Con 2011

If you’re going to Gen Con, there’s a game I’d like to to check out. It’s called Dungeon World, by indie publisher Sage Kobold Productions — Sage LaTorra & Adam Koebel. After a year of PDFs and incremental releases, Sage Kobold Productions will proudly have the Dungeon World Basic Game on sale at GenCon through

Timing Text Meant to be Read

Since I was asked last week to take my critical eye toward things I’ve worked on, I’ll talk about something in A Penny For My Thoughts that has been on my mind for over a year: text that’s meant to be read that takes too long to read. To be fair, it’s been on Paul’s

Nerdly Beach Party VIII!

Hey! We’re starting to take registrations for one of California’s funnest indie cons, the Nerdly Beach Party! Welcome to Nerdly Beach Party VIII, a weekend of gaming and tent camping in the serene San Simeon State Park! Nerdly Beach Party VIII will be held from the afternoon of Friday, September 23rd to the early afternoon

A Reminder About Forums

An unfortunate thread on today (that isn’t worth linking to) prompted a lot of bile on the Twittersphere. Here is my official response to such things: Edit Dec 2012: The inverse, “People hate something I like…” also applies. – Ryan [Image is licensed under Creative Commons Attribition-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. Original from]