Two Folks on Editors

I’ve talked a lot about the merits of editors. This is only natural, since (a) I’m an editor, since it’s often on my mind and (b) I spent a lot of time with other editors breaking down what does and doesn’t work in RPGs and in fiction.

A lot of time.

But I like it when I see other peoples’ takes on it. A friend yesterday tweeted this:

The @realjohngreen talks about @RyanMacklin. I mean, about editors and the editorial process and why it’s important. #ShitIBelieveIn

So I viewed it. I like what he has to say, but of course I would, since I’m an editor. :) I hope that even one “editors are horrible and evil and no I’ll never work with one” writers thinks twice.[1] Given he has a hell of an audience, there’s a chance.

I haven’t read any of John Green’s work yet, but now I’ll have to check it out.[2]

So that’s one bit. The other came across my virtual desk today. My dear friend Lillian Cohen-Moore (who was the other half of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple‘s editing team) wrote a short post at Inkpunks yesterday giving advice for finding an editor. She talks a bit about knowing the kind of editor you need and some tips for finding one.

There you go. I’m sure I’ll mouth off[3] with my own words later.

– Ryan

[1] But if they don’t, that’s cool too. No good comes from working with writers that don’t actually want to be edited.

[2] I am bound by the covenant of bacon to read Harry Connolly’s Child of Fire first.

[3] Still celebrating being #1 on Google for “mouthy fuck.” I know it won’t last, so I had to screencap it. :)


2 Responses to Two Folks on Editors

  1. Fred Hicks says:

    This isn’t the first John Green video I’ve seen, but man, he’s great at doing that kind of high energy rambly to the camera thing. Time to follow him.

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      I know, right? Here’s something kinda funny: the “yeah, I should follow him” only came after you said that. I’m used to people being retweeted that I forget that I’m probably missing other stuff said.

      – Ryan