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A New Look at Rating Aspects

Back in Fate 2, aspects were rated. That was ditched in Fate 3, to good measure. Making aspects mechanically equal allows them to be situationally divergent. (Which is to say: they’re an example of a good method of Use Anywhere Stats.) But lately, I’ve been feeling like there should be some sense of rating, to

The Fate Pot & Player-on-Player Compels

This week, while the rest of Evil Hat goes to Origins, I’ll be staying behind, blogging about stuff I learned from playing Fate this past weekend at Dresdacon, and hanging out with some of the finest Fate GMs around (including Will Huggins from the fine podcast, Actual People, Actual Play). In part one of this

Funding This Just In…From Gen Con

This Just In…From Gen Con!, the podcast that Paul Tevis and I started back in 2008, is about to do its fourth season. I’ve given the show to the esteemed Daniel Perez and Rich Rogers, both fine podcasters and gentlemen of note. I’ve mentioned that the show takes a lot of work to do, which

Co-Authors and Sharedthink

There’s something deceptive about co-author projects with folks who are new to producing works. There’s a sense that because they can do one form of editing with each other–namely copy-editing (grammar, typos, etc.)–that co-authors don’t need an editor. I can usually tell which co-authored books didn’t see an one, because they’re disorganized, full of assumptions,

Do You Capitalize Game Terms?

I’ve worked on a number of books at this point that take different approaches to game terms. As I start to write Mythender‘s text, people have noticed that I’m inconsistently capitalizing game terms. That’s because I still haven’t made up my mind about this. There are compelling reasons for various ways to go about it.

Mythender Character Creation To-Do List

I thought today would be a good day to share a bit about my process with you. I took the feedback and the characters from the Mythender Character Creation back last month, and made a list I’m chugging through. It’s taking longer than expected, because of the freelance work I’m also doing, so sadly I