Mythender Character Creation To-Do List

I thought today would be a good day to share a bit about my process with you. I took the feedback and the characters from the Mythender Character Creation back last month, and made a list I’m chugging through. It’s taking longer than expected, because of the freelance work I’m also doing, so sadly I can’t promise a new version in the near future. Still, if you want to see what it’s like on this side of the fence, here you go.

I live in the software world, so we look at tasks & bugs as having different levels of severity. So you’ll see “high”, “medium”, and “low.” (And one “quick”, because it’s a ten-second change.) This isn’t because some can’t be done and some can — it’s because we live in a world of periodic releases and that’s how we conceptualize. It’s a good way to know “What’s important right now” versus “What’ll be important after completing a week of work.”

The list is up as a Google Spreadsheet, as that’s an easy way for me to organize and display the data.

I gave myself six things I could list as high — so I went with the ones that would affect all the text, both current text and frame my thoughts for the text I need to write. Then I gave myself 15 medium priority slots — these are “if I I can get done is this and high, I’ll feel 90% done.” The rest are low — likely to become higher priority as other elements are complete. Some of the lows fall under “things waiting on other tasks.”

In general, I’ll do the high priority stuff first. However, if I feel the energy for a specific task, then that task gets done at that moment. Still, the priorities help me think and plan. It also helps me explain to myself what’s more immediately important.

Hopefully this gives you some peek into the process, and why revision is not just an overnight thing.

I also recommend for your reading pleasure Robin Law’s post a few weeks ago on “What Happens In Playtest Feedback Does Not Stay In Playtest Feedback”.

– Ryan