Super Mario as a Mythender

A couple months back, I joked that I could stat up Super Mario as a Mythender. Yes, the classic video game icon is a Mythender. There are some more obvious Mythenders from pop culture & history: Leonidas from 300, Beowulf, St. George, Koschei the Deathless, Jason Statham… But, while you see Weapons often, you don’t see a change in Forms. You do in Mario, though…

Mario Mario

Stranded Craftsman of Rage

History: Stranded / Heart: Craftsman / Fate: Myth of Rage[1]

I won’t bother with answering questions, because we all know Mario. The point of the questions is to get to know your character enough to make him or her.


My mastery of plumbing…is my Weapon. (Intrinsic, Level-quaking)

Mysterious Plants…are my Weapon. (Relic, Bowser-slaying)

My brother Luigi…is my Weapon. (Companion, Bowser-slaying)

Heart’s Reminder

A strange, ever-repeating music…happens around me.


Mortal form: I appear as…a simple man in a blue shirt & red overalls.

Paragon form: I appear as…a man grown twice is size.

Supernatural form: I appear as…a man in a red shirt and white overalls, with an aura of fire around his hands.

Godly form: I appear as…an incarnation of flashing light shaped as the man he once appeared as.


Enjoy. (And yeah, I’m skipping the non-narrative parts, Bonds, etc., because I’m not making him to play. :)

– Ryan

[1] It’s almost like I just leaked an idea here.


4 Responses to Super Mario as a Mythender

  1. Silverwizard says:

    Holy Crap.

    This makes me want to play Mythender more.

    I basically want you to finish this game so I can play it for hours and hours and hours.

    Mr. Macklin – you may have created the game I think is ideal.

  2. Garret Narjes says:

    Svanhildr – aka, Little Red Riding Hood (with artistic liberties taken)

    Inspiration: http://www.designzzz.com/brillaint-epic-character-illustrations/

    Write-up: http://tinyurl.com/6kh9qdj