Help Playtest Primetime Adventures 3!

Matt Wilson, creator of the beloved and acclaimed Primetime Adventures, is working on the third edition. Folks following me know that I’m the editor in this edition. Matt’s applied the latest round of edits, and my god is this a beautiful game. If you’ve played the second edition (the one most people are familiar with — the first edition used dice), I think there’s still something to get out of trying the third.

But he wants to get some more playtesting in before he publishes it. It’s sort-of like an audience participation ransom — if you want to see PTA3 out in the wild, Matt needs your help!

Can you play a five-episode season in the next three months? Do you want to check out the awesome that’s PTA3? Then email Matt at matt@dog-eared-designs.com with “I want to playtest PTA 3!” in the subject line.

(And if you have been playutesting, send Matt your comments. It’s okay if you haven’t finished your season. He could use feedback now and then.)

Thanks for your help!

– Ryan

P.S. Also, damn. Nice looking website, Matt!


One Response to Help Playtest Primetime Adventures 3!

  1. Matt Wilson says:

    Thanks! My wife Meredith designed that site.

    Someone asked you how many players. I like producer +3 the best, but you can do +4 or even +5 as long as you make sure to overlap scene time and avoid too much “off by myself” stuff. The more players you have, the faster I’d want to cut scenes, so you keep everyone involved.

    Tweak that to your tastes. There will almost certainly be someone out there who tells of a producer +7 game that went swimmingly.