Monthly Archives: May 2011

Dark Side Aspects & Fate Points

I love the Dark Side in games, but usually games don’t handle that well. The rules make it too rigid and predictable. (Since Mythender is built around a giant Dark Side mechanic of its own, this is something that’s been on my mind for years.) I’ve played in Fate games where I’ve messed around with

Don’t Get Done, Get Half-Done

You all probably know the mantras about the Cult of Done by now. Perfect is the Enemy of Done. Perfect is the Enemy of Good. Done is the Engine of More. etc. Mantras are easy. Living them is hard, at least for me. The principles in the Cult of Done are damned good ones to

Dresdacon, Celesticon, Reddit Interview

A couple of announcements! Dresdacon II’s Coming Up! I’ll be at Dresdacon II, at Endgame Oakland this June 18th. Want to chat with me? Want to play some Dresden Files? Want to enjoy the fine eateries in Downtown Oakland? Come on up! We need some help, though. To quote Fred Hicks quoting Chris Hanrahan of

Critique: The Need for Context

A few weeks ago, I checked out Graham Walmsley’s new rules-light Lovecrafting horror game engine, Cthulhu Dark. I was immediately intrigued by it, but in reading it I did notice an issue that I’ve seen in many other texts — insufficient context that causes reader confusion. Today, I’ll talk about that, using Graham’s game (which

The Integration of Back Story

I played and beat Portal 2‘s single-player campaign over the weekend. Don’t worry, this post contains no Portal 2 spoilers, but know: man alive, the back story integration during play is the best I’ve seen. Hands down. You want to learn more about Aperture Science? You will over the course of the game. As I’m

Using Smartphones For Playtests

Lately, I’ve been playtesting Zeppelin Armada, a card game being developed by Evil Hat & Jeff Tidball. I’ve playtested some other stuff for Tidball, including Fantasy Flight’s Horus Heresy. I like playtesting card & board games. And over the years, I’ve refined my process for being able to give decent feedback — and they all