Dresdacon, Celesticon, Reddit Interview

A couple of announcements!

Dresdacon II’s Coming Up!

I’ll be at Dresdacon II, at Endgame Oakland this June 18th. Want to chat with me? Want to play some Dresden Files? Want to enjoy the fine eateries in Downtown Oakland? Come on up!

We need some help, though. To quote Fred Hicks quoting Chris Hanrahan of Endgame:

Hey, folks. The fine folks over at EndGame are hosting a second DresdaCon event at their store on June 18th, but they’re short on GMs. Here’s the message from the store:

DresdaCon II needs a few more GMs!

We are rapidly approaching the deadline for GM signs-ups for DresdaCon II. We have space for 3 more GMs in each time slot. Yes, we are going for 16 games! Wanna help? Head over to http://endgameoakland.com/dresdacon for all the details.
Hope to see you there!
We’ve even made it easy for you to run, with the release of Neutral Grounds and Night Fears! So if you live in or near the San Francisco bay area, and are willing to run a game, please contact the store and let them know. And if you haven’t made it to Endgame before, you owe it to yourself — it’s one of the best gamestores in the nation.

I’ll be a Special Guest at Celesticon!

Celesticon is a San Francisco Bay Area convention happening this Labor Day Weekend, September 2-5, 2011 at the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood City. I’ll be there, along with James Ernest & Kenneth Hite. (As of the time of this post. Check out the special guests page.)

You can find out more about the show at the website, www.celesticon.com. I’m pretty excited to be there, and we’re working out what sort of shenanigans are in store for folks attending. Naturally, I’ll update as we get closer to time.

(Side note: after reading this blog post about writing bios, mine on their site feels anemic.)

Reddit Interview about Dresden Files RPG!

A few months back, Ben Woerner polled folks on reddit for questions to ask Fred Hicks, Leonard Balsera & I. The interview is up now! It’s a two-parter, done with the four of us on Skype, so take the audio quality as you will. It was a fun interview, and the questions were neat. A good group of folks there. Hope you enjoy!

– Ryan