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Macklin-Roby Game Design Philosophy

Josh Roby & I have been tinkering with ideas for some time now, between exchanging notes about our work on the Smallville RPG he designed and the Leverage RPG I was editing, working on small-form games like our Vicious Crucible project (which sorely needs an update), and some other ambitious ideas we keep talking about

The Purpose of Your First Page

For a while, I’ve been figuring out how to write a post about constructing your first page. This is key — how you introduce your entire idea will make or break interest & understanding of your game. But without examples, I’ve be talking in useless abstracts. Thankfully, Brennan Taylor offered up an early draft of

On Thinking About Writing

I wrote a bit about this last year, when I talked about how Overthinking is Toxic[1]. Let’s revisit that, but with some more concreteness to it. My day job is as a software developer, and while I never talk about my work, I find parallels between software development processes & good writing processes often. Which

I’m on #zinechat this Wednesday, May 25th

There’s this really cool this called #zinechat, a Twitter-based panel chat about different topics in small press-land. Jaym Gates runs this, and you can find out about this year’s schedule at This month, Jaym won’t be able to moderate it, but she’s enlisted the aid of Lillian Cohen-Moore (who is the co-editor on Solis’

Mythender Character Creation is Live!

I’ll just copy the text from the current version of the Mythender Character Creation page. You’ll want to go there for future updates. Interested in making a character for Mythender? Check out the Character Creation chapter (1.4M PDF, updated 19-May-11):  Mythender Character Creation [Playtest] Draft Disclaimer This is an early, unedited draft. As such, there

Negative Emotional Contexts

I’ve been using the phrase “negative emotional context” in other posts for a bit now. Today, I’ll dive in more, using my friend Josh Roby as an example. Yesterday, he tweeted that he’s sent the PDF for his recent Kickstarter-funded project, the Coronets but Never Crowns expansion for Houses of the Blooded. He followed up